What do we do indeed?

We are a HKUST student group dedicated to Aeronautical Engineering. Our goal is to create a platform for students from
all disciplines to share and learn from each other while learning more about the aviation industry.

Compete internationally

(Revised and Updated for 2017)

Every year we will go different kinds of competitions over the world. We aim to do the best and become the best! For instance, we ranked as 17 out of 95 in AIAA Design, Build, Fly competition globally.

Latest Technologies

Our workshop has the latest technologies with the parts for the RC plane. We will DIY to make the parts we need base on our mission requirement and resource availability too. More, every year we invest a lot of money into new tools and try to grant more authorization to borrow the facilities from the university in order to increase our productiviy and quality.

Practical Experiences

We design all of our activities with a practical mind. By joining our activities, you will be able to get your hands on model aircraft and even talk to senior engineers and manager from the aeronautical engineering companies though our talks and visits!

Coming Workshops

In the coming year, we are going to hold the following activites! Check your email periodly or keep in touch with us via this website or facebook when you are free!

Model Plane Building Workshop

Aeronautical Technologies/Knowledge Workshop

RC Pilot Training Workshop

Previously Events

We organized a lot of amazing events last acedemic year!

Hands on workshop

A model plane was built by the freshman and gave the first experience of the building process to everyone interested on manufacturing!

Aero Day 2017

The exhibition gave the introduction for our association and provided a on-desktop flight simulator to whose interested.

Flight test

We carried on plenty of time for test flight every year after we constructed a new plane.

Pilot training

Beside of building the aircraft, you may try to fly a model plane by yourself, after train with the simulation controller for a period of time, you can be a rc pilot too!

Aeronautical class

We provided the training and talk for student who wanna know the theory of aerodynamics or related knowledge.

DBF competition 2017

15 students were selected as the fly off team to represent Hong Kong UST to join the AIAA DBF competition and compete with the students all around the world!

Join Us

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